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Our Mission

Guanajuato’s Life Innovation & Technologies Cluster aims to promote the state as a leader globally and in Mexico in the life sciences field. The Cluster develops and expands alliances worldwide with a range of key stakeholders, including research and development organizations, advocacy groups, institutions of education and medical device manufacturers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to promote Guanajuato as a leader in life sciences products and services, working to improve healthcare outcomes locally and around the world.

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Guanajuato, Mexico

The state of Guanajuato is the ideal location for Mexico’s newest medical device and technology innovation sector. Guanajuato offers the ideal mix of a talented youthful workforce, education and training institutions, and a convenient, centrally situated location with great infrastructure.


  • A rich environment for engineering and skilled talent
  • Proven manufacturing base
  • Fantastic cultural and lifestyle amenities
  • Established clusters in other industries, representing a vast supply chain
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Founding Members

We are grateful for the support and contributions of our founding members.

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Focus Areas

The cluster is organized into these six collaborative subject matter areas

Knowledge Transfer & Fostering of Innovation

We intend to give cluster members and partners access to all the resources and knowledge we have gained over the years, through three key areas:

Sharing regulatory facilitation best practices, by leveraging industry-related national and international certifications that our Cluster companies hold, such as ISO, CE, FDA and NOM. In addition, members with auditing bodies and consultants that help companies in their certification processes will be valuable member resources.

Leveraging linkages with Universities, Chambers, other Clusters, and Regulatory Laboratories to simplify the process of securing resources for development, evaluation of products and certification of materials.

Sharing logistical strategies among members, concerning routes that are used, carriers, Customs brokers and everything related to the import and export of raw materials and products, including our partners that offer these services.

This knowledge-sharing will make us stronger together.


The Linkage focus area of the GTO Life Innovation & Technologies Cluster includes strategic activities for the development of synergies with the objective of promoting the activities of the cluster.

We seek to facilitate communication and alliances between the different sectors of those who pertain to the cluster, helping the regional development of:

  • Supply Chain
  • Educational Institutions
  • Research & Development Centers
  • Other Clusters
  • Associations & Chambers of Commerce
  • Regulatory Organizations & International and National Certification Agencies
  • Governmental Agencies
Foreign Direct Investment

The FDI focus area works with the members of the cluster to promote Guanajuato as a leading global location for life innovation and technology companies. This focus area also helps manufacturers determine if Mexico is a viable solution for their business needs.

Through an integrated outreach and thought leadership programs – including multichannel marketing activities, tradeshows & events, partnerships with key strategic associations and the State’s Economic Development Department – we highlight the benefits of Guanajuato for global manufacturers. ​

Supply Chain

By working together with potential partners and suppliers of the industry, we seek to strengthen the minimum criteria required to implement an ensured quality system that guarantees sustainability through the continuous improvement of administrative, commercial, technical, productive and financial skills. Helping our industry suppliers deliver products and services on a more competitive level.​

The manufacturing focus area works with medical device and life sciences companies in the region to design and contribute to the development for a range of diverse manufacturing processes and approaches. The Manufacturing focus area coordinates the input of the cluster membership and other focus areas into effective strategic relationships with local institutions and learning centers. We emphasize growth and professional development through technological innovation, sharing of manufacturing best practices, and an evolving forum for companies to exchange information about manufacturing in Mexico. The Manufacturing focus area coordinates efforts closely with the Certification focus area.
Regulation, Certification & Compliance

Information on this topic will be coming soon. Don’t forget to revisit our site for more information.

Strategic Partnerships

The cluster would not exist without the key involvement of our essential strategic partners in Guanajuato



October 30, 2023

11:00 AM – 1:00 PM
De La Salle Innovation Park 

Blvd. Campestre 2150, Bosques del Refugio, 37150 León, Gto., Mexico


November, 7-8, 2023

MedTech Intelligence TechTalk: Mexico’s New Medical Device Cluster: The Catalyst To Your Successful Mexico Operation

Washington, DC

Medica 2023

November, 13-16, 2023

Düsseldorf, Germany

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